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About Me


My love of photography started on Christmas Day 1975 when I started taking photos with my new Kodak Instamatic 192 camera. My passion for photography  has been growing ever since.  


I've been shooting weddings for about 17 years. For the first 10 years or so I shot more wedding videos than photos. Shooting wedding videos gave me a wealth of experience in shooting in an unobtrusive 'reportage' style - documenting the events of the day as they actually happened, rather than a series of unnatural poses and fake smiles.


My preferred style is therefore the increasingly popular reportage approach, but of course there are always a few posed group shots too.  It keeps the parents and grandparents happy!

I take photos almost every day, but shoot just a handful of weddings each year as I like to approach each one fully prepared, and with as much enthusiam, care & attention to detail as the first wedding I ever shot. This also allows me to focus on just one wedding at a time and to deliver the edited images swiftly. 

My wife Michelle has been assisting me throughout all of my years as a wedding photographer & works alongside me at every shoot.


Oh, and yes, I still have that beloved Kodak Instamatic that kicked things off!

Want to get to know me a little better?  I teach photography online:


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